Inspired ibadah

“The act of worship and prayer is more than just a ritual.

It’s the spiritual ascension of the soul.”

~Inspired ibadah


Our Inspired Mats are a fusion of ​Islamic Art​, ​Geometric Beauty​, ​Innovative Functionality​ and ​Eco-Consciousness​.


Eco - Friendly.

The microfiber is made from recycled plastic bottles which has been bonded to natural tree rubber base and then printed upon with water based inks. We are all custodians of nature and so being eco-friendly and promoting sustainability are also acts of worship in their own right.


Our unique range of beautifully created and bespoke prayer mats are inspired by the incredibly rich and diverse heritage of Islamic art and cultural influences of the Muslim world along with a modern twist fused with nature, geometrical beauty and the Sacred.


With a commitment to innovative functionality, the luxurious sueded microfiber top layer provides a soft extra cushion for sitting and prostrating on which is both stable and comfortable. This provides the optimum setting to embark on your spiritual journey and experiencing the blissful serenity of ibadah.

“Prayer clears the mist and brings back peace to the Soul.”